Mikuni Dual-Outlet Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit

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Fuel pump rebuild kit for the Mikuni Dual-Outlet DF52 kart fuel pump. This kit includes all the gaskets, diaphragms, and screws necessary to completely rebuild your fuel pump! This kit is great for shifter go kart fuel pumps that require a dual-outlet type system to supply the high rate of fuel flow necessary to power performance engines.

With 2-cycle fuel systems, oil and fuel can mix, and it is not at all uncommon for this gummy mixture to sit in the fuel pump, eating away at the gaskets within the pump. If you're after optimal performance from your engine, we suggest having one of these rebuild kits on hand in your toolbox!

This kit comes with all the components seen here, from screws, to gaskets, and diaphragms. The kit comes with a small instruction flyer that walks you through how to properly install all the components, to make sure you'll have a properly functioning fuel pump once all is re-installed!

Each kit is sold separately.