MG Wet Tire (Front)

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MG Wet Go Kart Tire, front tire for rain conditions. Soft compound with raised tread to allow water to flute through the tire for maximum traction in the harshest of track conditions.


The MG wet tire is designed specifically for wet track conditions. If you're trackside, and look out in the pits or on the racing surface and see a silvery-sheen to the wet surface, it might be time for wets! Run to the trailer, grab these tires, fit them on the rims, and you're set to take on the competition! A lot of racers in areas where rain isn't common may shrug their shoulders at having rain tires in their trailer...but when it starts raining cats and dogs, you'll be glad you had them!

Tire Dimensions

The MG Wet tire has dimensions of 4.2 x 10 -5. This means that the tire tread is 4.2" in width, by 10" in diameter, and fits on a 5" diameter rim. This means that this tire is ideal for all Kid Kart, cadet kart, and full-size go kart wheels, most commonly utilized on full-size chassis only on the front, however.

Each tire is sold separately.