Metric Jam Nut (Non-Nylock)

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Metric Hex Nuts/Jam Nuts by IKP for go karts and additional applications. These are metric threaded nuts for a variety of sizes, and are non-nylock in nature.

These nuts are ideal for tie-rod ends, or non-nylock critical areas of fastening on the kart. For the most part, these nuts are likely used for securing items that are less likely to come loose due to vibration. Low profile, these jam nuts are perfect for areas where clearance with a standard nut is more of an issue.

These jam nuts are available in multiple sizes:

    • M5
    • M6
    • M8 (left and right-hand thread)
    • M10

Note: All nuts are right-hand threaded unless otherwise noted. All nuts are zinc plated for additional durability and rust mitigation.

Each nut is sold separately.