Margay Brake Pads (MCP Caliper)

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Brake pads designed for Margay brake caliper. These brake pads are best for the MCP type of brake caliper found on many Margay karts in the rear of the go kart chassis. 


These pads fit the MCP style of brake caliper, which is common on many Margay karts, particularly the cadet and low-horsepower chassis options.  You may see such Margay braking systems referred to as the MCP Billet braking system or the Ital braking system.

These pads also fit other MCP brake caliper applications, such as some Righetti karts. 


The brake pad image shows the appearance of the front and back of the pad.

Sold as a pair of pads (2 pads per set).

Ideal For: Margay (MCP caliper) or select righetti ridolfi calipers
Ideal For: Margay, righetti systems (MCP caliper)

 **Point Karting strongly recommends double-checking the provided dimensional diagram to ensure you order the right pads for your kart! If you have questions, reach out to us, we are happy to help.**