Margay Wildcat Premier Kid Kart Chassis

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Margay Wildcat Kid Kart. The Wildcat is the premier Kid Kart chassis on the market with all the features necessary to guarantee the best fit and performance for your young racer! Looking for the best Kid Kart racing chassis with the most adjustability? The Wildcat fits the bill.


The Margay Wildcat is the latest in a long generation of racing go karts from Margay. Designed specifically for young racers in mind, the Wildcat is packed full of features to make it easily adjustable and user friendly for the youngest racers.

Margay's unique pedal platform assembly allows for a wide range of adjustment to fit the smallest statured drivers, and adjust easily as they grow. Similarly, the seat post supports pivot forward or backwards to make adjusting to fit many different sizes of drivers easy.

The Margay chassis also makes front width adjustments a cinch, with a castle nut system to remove the front wheels, and the Sniper SA-1 system means that the finest adjustments to the front steering geometry are possible.

Margay's commitment to quality continues at the rear of the chassis, with a bespoke MCP hydraulic brake package complimenting a low-resistance axle and bearing assembly. A no-nonsense motor frame rail setup means that installing your Honda GXH50, Briggs 206, or Comer C51 engine is simple and straightforward - no plates or silly gimmicks to get in the way like other chassis.

As your child progresses in pace, the Margay will keep up with their advanced needs, with fully adjustable front steering system and ride-height, track width adjustment in the rear as well as wheelbase adjustments.

Customizing Your Margay

At Point Karting, we can build your Wildcat to your specifications! Select from a rolling chassis or complete with engine package to save!

While not listed here, please inquire with us if you would like to learn more about additional accessories such as TruSpeed's angled two-position steering hub, custom Margay team kart graphics (or Point Karting custom designs), Margay Team Suits, or various width rear hubs!

Point Karting offers a variety of seat sizes for your kart. The Wildcat comes standard with the Tillet T8 CCD seat at this moment, but other sizes are available. Reach out to us, we are happy to work with you on any size seat you need!

Shipping and Assembly

Depending on your preference, our team can assembly your kart for you at Point Karting, or the kart can ship directly to you from Margay Americas with some assembly required. Let us know in the order notes at checkout your preference!