Circular Safety Clip (Pack of 10)

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Circular Safety Clip for Racing Go Kart Hardware and Bolts with cross-drilled holes for safety wire or safety clips. These clips are perfect for making your go kart technically compliant for areas such as the steering system, weight bolts, brake hardware, and more!

A safety clip through a pre-drilled hole in a bolt is also a great way to prevent a nut from falling off leading to hardware failure, and losing a race, or worse.


Each wire clip affixes into a pre-drilled safety wire pilot hole on the end of bolts (often found on kart bolts on the tie rods, spindle, steering shaft, or steering wheels, seat bolts, brake bolts, etc).

Each safety clip is circular in M8 diameter, with a small pin running normal to the main circle through the central diameter / locus point of the clip. This makes installation super easy! Flex the main ring of the clip while inserting the point of the straight part of the clip, and it snaps on instantly.

Unlike safety wire or cotter pins, safety clips are re-usable. Buy a pack for the life of your kart, and use them over and over even after removing them to service hardware on your kart.

Each pack comes with (10) safety clips.