M8 Cylindrical Barrel Wheel Nut

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Cylindrical Barrel M8 Wheel Nut for racing go kart wheels. These wheel nuts are manufactured from hardened steel, and anchor kart wheels to hubs and wheel studs. Typically, (3) wheel nuts are used to secure a kart wheel to a hub. If you've had issues with wheels coming loose on hubs, these barrel nuts are just the ticket!

The size of these wheel nuts are M8 x 1.25 in thread pitch and size, perfectly fitting on most European-made go karts and kart hubs.

Why Choose Barrel Nuts?

Most racers likely don't have barrel nuts as the OEM wheel fastener on their kart. Even so, consider this: By gripping more threads on the hub, barrel nuts offer additional support for kart wheels in high-stress applications like a karting wheel/hub interface. Where a standard wheel nut may fail or come loose, a barrel nut is more likely to remain in contact with hub studs during hard cornering applications.

Like anything in performance racing applications there are some drawbacks to barrel nuts. With more material than traditional wheel hardware, a barrel nut is naturally heavier. Un-sprung rotating weight is therefore added, which might not be ideal for all racers. Furthermore, the 8mm allen-key head of these barrel nuts can wear or semi-strip over time, even for the most experienced and gentle mechanics. This is due to the force required to tighten the barrel nut on the wheel stud to a proper torque to secure a wheel. Fortunately, pre-mature wear or rounding is highly rare with these hardened-steel wheel nuts, keeping you happy at the track!

Wheel Nut Dimensions: 30mm (height) | 13mm (outer diameter) | M8 x 1.25 Thread Bore

Each wheel nut sold separately. Typically three (3) wheel nuts are required to secure a wheel on a hub.