Low Profile Seat Mounting Bolts

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  • Extreme-Low Profile Seat Mounting Bolts by IKP.
    • Ideal for mounting kart seats to chassis support uprights, as well as weights in some cases (where weight is fairly thin, as these bolts aren't super long).
    • Eliminates the need to utilize an additional conical washer around the bolt. 
  • Utilizes a Flat-Head style tool bit area (use flat-head screwdriver to tighten bolt).
  • Zinc plated for durability. 
  • Thread Pitch: M8 x 1.0 (meaning M8 nylock nuts fit, standard sizing for seat or weight bolts). 
  • Available in several lengths (measured from top of bolt head to end of threads, not shank length): 
    • 25mm
    • 45mm
    • 65mm
  • Each bolt sold individually.