Low-Profile Seat Washer Set

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Low-profile seat washer set for mounting go kart seats. These seat mount kits are an outstanding option for securely placing a fiberglass go kart seat into a chassis, especially seats that are ultra soft or prone to elongation or damage around mounting locations. Large diameter washers and low-profile design helps to eliminate pressure points for sensitive drivers and seats. 


If standard conical seat washers are just too main stream for you, Kart Master's low-profile seat washer kits are designed to be the ultimate seat mounting option for drivers that won't settle for anything but the best. With a profile of just 3.5mm, each washer is 20% thinner than a standard seat washer. Additional M4 threaded bolts help to keep the washer ultra-flat to the seat surface to reinforce the low profile design, which can help reduce cross-hole cracking or ovaling of the holes through fiberglass seats over time. 

On the underside of the seat, a doubler-plate compliments the low profile mounting design of the seat washer, further reinforcing the fiberglass area around the seat mounting hole. 

What's in the Kit?

These low profile seat mounting kits are available in multiple configurations. An entire kit includes the low-profile seat washer, (4) M4 mounting screws, and doubler-plate for the outer edge of the seat mount. In addition, an M8 countersunk allen head bolt is also included, with M8 zinc-finished washers, nylon bolt bushing (to further reduce stress), and M8 nylock nut. 


If you have hardware already, the low-profile washers are also available separately, with no additional hardware.


Low profile seat washer sets 3.5mm thick (20% less than a conical), large flat surface (no painful pressure point), reinforces the seat (reduces cross-hole cracking), 60mm O.D.

The 'inner' washer is over countersunk to allow some of the taper of the 8mm bolt to extend into the seat material, resulting in a super low and flat profile.

Set includes all hardware shown, you'll need one set per side of the seat.