Longacre Acculevel Metric Spindle Adapter

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14mm Spindle Adapter for the Longacre Acculevel Camber / Caster System. Designed to thread onto a standard M14 threaded kart spindle, which is found at the end of most racing go kart spindles.

This threaded adapter helps to properly mount the Longacre Acculevel Camber / Caster system to the end of the spindle on racing go karts. By doing this, the Acculevel system can be adapted to be utilized on racing karts to accurately measure front steering system camber and caster settings.

With integrated knurled grips on the exterior of the adapter, threading this tightly onto a spindle is easy! Attach to the Acculevel device and then thread onto the spindle of your racing kart.

Each threaded adapter is sold separately. One is needed to utilize the Acculevel device on most karts.