LO206 Head Assembly (Complete)

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  • Complete Briggs & Stratton LO206 Engine Head Assembly, by RLV
    • Complete, Bolt-on Kit for LO206 engine.
    • Ideal for Briggs LO206 Spec categories (Junior, Senior, etc.)
  • Head assembly comes complete, with:
    • Main Head, LO206
    • Intake, Exhaust Valves (installed)
    • Valve Springs, Retainers (installed)
    • Rocker Arm Assembly:
      • Rocker Arms (Intake and Exhaust, U.S. Spec),
      • Rocker Arm studs, support plate, gasket
      • Rocker Arm Adjusters (Main bolt and set screw cinch bolt)
    • (4) Prepared Lag bolts for bolting head to engine.
  • Sold as described above, with no additional hardware or gaskets. Head assembly does not come with gasket to interface between exhaust assembly and head, carburetor and head, or short block and head. These must be purchased separately.