LO206 Carburetor Rebuild Kit

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  • Briggs & Stratton LO206 Carburetor Rebuild Kit by RLV.
    • Complete kit of gaskets and components to rebuild the internal areas of your LO206 carburetor.
  • Includes (see image):
    • (1) Carburetor Intake Gasket (Interface between Carburetor and Intake Spacer).
    • (1) O-Ring Gasket (For Rearward side of Carburetor)
    • (1) O-Ring Gasket (For Throttle Cable Boot)
    • (1) Throttle Cable Boot (For fitting throttle cable sheathing into carburetor cap).
    • (1) Throttle Cable Cap Gasket (Fits between the carburetor and carburetor cap)
    • (1) Float Bowl Gasket (Fits in groove in float bowl, seals fuel in carburetor and float bowl area).
    • (1) Needle & Float Assembly (Float, Needle, Needle Retainer Clip, Float Pin)