Lightweight Kid Kart Go Kart Wheels

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Note: These wheels are on significant back-order at this time. Spun aluminum wheels will be shipped to customers as they are available, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please let us know if you have any questions on these wheels! 

If you're looking for the ultimate performance for your Kid Kart, look no further than PKT's ultra-lightweight Kid Kart go kart wheels! With ultra-narrow-width options available, multiple-mounting holes (that also double as weight reduction), and available in satin black or chrome, these wheels are a stylish way to add some serious rolling performance to the low-horsepower category. 


These wheels (rims) are available in a variety of wheel widths - as narrow as 3.25" to up to 4.5" in width. Generally, the more narrow the rim width, the smaller the contact patch on the ground for the tire, and the less rolling resistance you have. 

Each rim is sold separately. The bolt pattern is standard European, 3/58. Curious if this rim will fit your kid kart well? Contact us before ordering if you need to!