Light Weight Kid Kart Brake Rotor Hub

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Lightweight kid kart brake rotor hub for the PKT lightweight Kid Kart brake system, as well as the Noonan brake system. Available in several sizes, these hubs are the central component to the brake system, facilitating the connection between the axle and brake components.

Each hub features a 6-point mount design, to ensure secure fixation of the brake rotor during operation. Two M6 cinch bolts (using a 5mm allen) secure the hub to the axle, to prevent lateral slip of the system. 

The hub features a stylish finish in black anodize with an integrated laser-engraved PKT logo. 

Available Sizes

The PKT brake rotor hub is available in several sizes, which allows the brake system to adapt to various axle diameters commonly found in kid kart chassis:

  • 25mm (with integrated 6mm keyway slot)
  • 30mm (with integrated 6mm keyway slot)
  • 1.25" (with integrated 1/4" keyway slot)

What Comes with The Hub

Each hub comes with all hardware pictured - the brake hub, cinch bolts, and (6) brake rotor mounting bolts, which are M5 in size, and utilize a 4mm allen key. Each of these brake rotor bolts is cross-drilled at the allen head area to facilitate insertion of safety wire, which is a common technical requirement for karting competitions. 

Every hub is sold individually. If you are unsure if your brake system fits this hub or kid kart brake system, reach out to us by phone or email!