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Weight Bolt Kit for securing Go Kart Lead Ballast Weights. Each kit comes with (2) metric flat head bolts, seat washers, standard flat washers and nylock nuts. 

Depending on the weight being fastened, some weights only need one bolt, while heavier lead weights require (2) bolts and associated fasteners.


Point Karting's weight bolt kits come in (4) different lengths to suit every weight mounting application -including 50, 60, 70, and 80mm options. By far the most popular option is our 70mm bolt length.

One Bolt or Two Bolts - Fastening Weight Guidelines

~Updated 11.29.2020~ We have noted requests by customers regarding when mounting weight with one bolt vs. two bolts is prudent. Here are our guidelines and recommendations:

  • One (1) bolt may be ideal for mounting lead ballast to a kart (on seat) when the ballast weighs under 8lbs.
  • Two (2) bolts may be ideal for mounting lead ballast to a kart (on seat) when the ballast weights over 8lbs.
  • For under-seat weights - such as those mounted on the front 'wings' of the seat, Point Karting does not recommend exceeding 5lb weights, secured with one bolt. For a weight mounted in the crotch area (nearest fuel tank), any weight over 8lb should be secured with a minimum of (2) bolts.
  • For ballast mounted on the side flanges of the seat, it is recommended that two bolts are used for weights exceeding 5lb, as the vibration and 'working' of the seat in this area can cause the seat to fracture with heavier weights poorly secured.
  • Lastly, the most common mounting location for lead ballast is the rear of the seat. Ballast should be mounted on 'flat' areas of the rear of the seat, with every attempt made to securely and centrally tighten the ballast to the seat. For weights exceeding 8lbs two (2) bolts are recommended.

Each kit is sold separately - each kit includes (2) bolts and associated hardware.