Knurled Aluminum Pedal Covers

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Anti-Slip Aluminum Pedal Grips with integrated set screws. Available in a variety of anodized colors!

These pedal grips cover your normal kart pedals to provide outstanding pedal feel and grip in even the most adverse conditions (rain or dust). A great addition to your kart to add some style, or to help a little racer keep his feet right on the pedals! 

Each grip includes (2) threaded set screw holes and M4 set screws (utilizes a 3mm allen key). This helps keep the grip in position on the pedal once installed. 

Available colors:

  • Red
  • Black Satin
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Purple - we can ask but at this time (as of 05/14/2021) this item is discontinued.

Each grip is sold separately. They are intended to fit over standard 14mm diameter pedals (will not fit with OTK or non-OEM pedals such as PKT pedals).