KG "Bread-Box" Kid Kart and Cadet Side Pod (22")

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KG "Bread-Box" style side pod for cadet and Kid Kart applications. These side pods are popular for older / vintage cadet or mini go karts and applications. Each side pod is 22" in length, which should fit most Kid Karts or cadet chassis. 
Each side pod is sold separately, with no additional mounting hardware or the nerf bar necessary to mount to the kart. 
A rear sweeping louver is integrated into the side pod to move air over the rear tires. 
Tip: Point Karting recommends utilizing duct tape over the front hole in the pods to prevent build up of tire rubber, rocks, dust, or mud depending on weather if your driver is known for going off-track at times. 
Note: These side pods as of May 2021 are discontinued for regular stock in the United States. Special order is possible of red KG Cacao side pods, please reach out to us to make this happen.