KG Rear Bumper (Single Piece)

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Rear Bumpers for Racing Go Karts - full-size, plastic by KG Karting! These bumpers are perfect for replacing or upgrading your existing rear bumper on any modern racing kart! Available in several colors, KG's rear bumper is fully CIK-FIA approved and ready to bolt-on to your go kart chassis!

Whether you have an older chassis and need to bring it up to current regulations, or simply need a new bumper, we've got you covered with KG's plastic rear bumper, Fully molded as one piece, the KG line of rear bumpers features a centrally-located area for number plate display, aerodynamic elements within the middle of the bumper, and a reinforced and slotted area for mounting the rear bumper to the bumper uprights on your kart. 

These bumpers are available in black (was available in other colors). For many karts, this is the standard rear bumper that may have come with your kart new from the factory in recent years!

Note: This bumper does not come with additional mounting hardware. To complete installation of this bumper on your kart, a bumper upright system will be needed, in addition to (2) M8 bolts, typically racers use M8 x 1.25 x 40mm bolts with a countersunk allen head (5mm allen key) and a corresponding countersunk M8 x 33mm Countersunk washer. On the reverse side a M8 washer and M8 nylock nut is also used. As there are two uprights to each chassis, (2) sets of these bolts / washers etc are needed to install this bumper.

Tip: Even if your local rules don't require it, consider safety wire or a set of Kart Master Bumper Keeper Kits to keep your bumper extra secure, to prevent unfortunate DNF's in the case that a bumper comes loose during the race. 
As this item is oversized, you may see some additional fees with this item. Point Karting does carry these bumpers, but we may at times ship this item from our partners at KG USA West if we do not have it directly in our warehouse. Bumpers are fairly light, but unfortunately the box size is fairly large. 
Please reach out to us anytime if you have questions regarding these bumpers!