KG MK 20 Front Nassau Panel

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KG MK 20 Front Fairing for racing go karts. This is the current standard bodywork for cadet / mini racing go karts for the side of the karts! Most kart makes and models now utilize the KG MK 20 Front Fairing, aerodynamically shaped and lightened compared to previous models.


Newly aerodynamically shaped and lightened over previous models, the MK 20 front fairing and associated bodywork is ready to race for your mini or cadet size kart chassis. The MK 20 fairing features an low-resistance profile while maintaining its primary function, which is to protect the driver and kart from frontal impacts and other debris.

The entire profile and contouring of the fairing is organic and profiled compared to previous iterations of fairings for cadet / mini karts, but maintains the core strength necessary to keep racers safe. The front area is curved at the edges to promote air flow around the fairing- and therefore the driver.

Each front fairing is designed to fit with previous support hardware, but usually is best fit with flanged and pre-bent fairing supports for new models of karts.