KG MK 20 Front Nassau Panel Support, Lower

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KG MK 20 Front Fairing Support Bar, Lower for racing go karts. This support bar keeps the bottom of the MK 20 nassau panel secured to the kart, and is adjustable to fit different bumper heights and fitments.


The MK 20 bodywork set is a new generation of aerodynamically improved bodywork for cadet and mini karts. The lower panel support mounts to a central tab on the front 'hoop' of the kart chassis with the use of an allen-head screw, and then bends at a 90-degree to secure to the front of the MK 20 nassau panel by use of a rubber bushing, pin, and cotter pin.

Each lower panel support is sold separately, and does not include the bodywork secure pins or cotter pins, or other additional hardware.