MK14 Side-pod Nerf Bars

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The KG MK-14 Side Pod Nerf Bars are designed to mate with their respective side pods on racing karts. Constructed from hollow mild steel and finished in chrome, these nerf bars are ready for the toughest conditions on-track competition can throw at them, homologated for the CIK - FIA approved MK-14 line of bodywork.
Find full nerf bar kits, or just one for the left or right of your kart here! 

NOTE: **This product is directional, meaning that the side pod nerf bar that fits on the right of the chassis is NOT the same as the side pod nerf bar that fits on the left.**

  • Does not include additional mounting hardware.
The MK14 Nerf Bars are available in two 'side' options: 
    • Left
    • Right

**Note: "Side" of chassis is determined relative to the view of the driver. This means that the 'left' side of the chassis is to the driver's left, and 'right' is to the driver's right.**