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Go Kart Fuel Tanks by KG Kart- 8.5 Liter and 3.5 Liter. These fuel tanks are the stock component for dozens of go karts worldwide! Mounting directly to the chassis with a plastic clamp, the fuel tank is centrally mounted in most go kart frames to hold fuel / fuel oil during operation of the kart.
Each KG Fuel tank available here comes complete with the fuel tank, butterfly clamp, vent tube, and plenum fittings. The tanks are made from hardened UV-resistance plastic, designed to resist hardening or contamination of the internal fuel or liquid over time from exposure to sun, impacts, dust, etc. Integrated brass threaded fittings allow for mounting of the tank to most racing kart chassis uprights.
  • Available in the following fluid capacities:
    • 3.5 Liter (Ideal for Cadet, Junior 2 Categories)
    • 4.5 Liter (Ideal for Cadet, Junior 2 Categories)
    • 8.5 Liter (For Full-Size karting applications) (From floortray to mounting point 6.75")
    • 9.5 Liter (For Full-Size, high-flow volume applications)

Unsure of what fuel tank might be right for your kart? The mounting location for the central fuel tank bolt / upright can vary slightly depending on the chassis, be sure to measure this prior to ordering the fuel tank!

Note: For MGM Chassis, the 3.5 Liter tank is the tank of choice.