KG Front Bumper Mount Kit (Non Push-Back)

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Front Bumper Mounting Kit by KG for go kart front spoilers and bumpers. Ideal for securing the front bumper bodywork onto your kart - fits almost all European and American racing go karts! Height adjustable to make sure your bumper sits at the perfect height for all kart chassis.

KG's AT.021.NE model of front bumper mount is designed to be a 'standard' type front bumper mount. For almost all modern bumpers manufactured by KG, this mount kit is what you will need!

The kit comes complete with (2) plastic clamps, which bolt directly to the rear of the front bumper (in areas that are in-set and denoted with pre-set threaded stubs). Each mount comes with 4 M6 threaded bolts, which when tightened fasten the mount to the bumper. In total, this kit includes (8) bolts and (2) plastic bumper clamps, which is all that is needed to mount your bumper to the kart.

For racers that need a push-back bumper mounting system, this is not the kit - refer to our push-back bumper mount kit for that. Also, we strongly recommend those utilizing the KG 506 bodywork also use the Push-back bumper mount kit whether required for your kart series and regulations or not for proper fitment in relation to the front chassis nerf bars.