KG CIK/02 Nose, Cacao Side Pods (Cadet)

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KG CIK 02 Nose and Cacao Side Pods for vintage cadet go karts. This kit is perfect for those that are still racing cadet-size go karts with 'bread box' bodywork on them, and want to maintain that look!

  • Get the 'old school' look going with these side pods and front bumper! 
      • Ideal for semi-dated karts, say from the 2002-2008 era where "bread box" side pods were in vogue. 
    • Available in multiple colors:
      • Black
    • Sold as a complete set of bodywork, as pictured. 

    NOTE: This bodywork set is increasingly hard to find (KG rarely manufactures these anymore). If you have questions regarding availability of this item, reach out to us prior to ordering, and we are happy to research this for you. 

    NOTE: This bodywork is intended to fit 'cadet' size karts, not full size karts! We are able to order CIK 02 bodywork for full-size karts, but please contact us for this - this is a special order item!

    Bodywork Dimensions

    CIK 02 bodywork was / is made in two sizes - Adult and "Cadet," sometimes called the Cacao model.

    "How do I tell if I have full-size or Cacao side pods?"

    • The CIK 02 bodywork, full-size has side pods approximately 27" long, and are approximately 7.5" wide at the rear, slightly tapering to about 5" wide at the front. 
    • The KG CIK02 -Cacao as shown here has dimensions along the side pod length 17", about 5.5" wide, and 6.5" in height.