KG Hybrid Sprocket Protector Kit

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Sprocket Guard by KG Karting. This sprocket guard is designed to properly protect your drive train for racing go karts from rocks, debris, curbs, and more! Prevent thrown chains and sorrow by utilizing this sprocket guard kit.


The sprocket guard comes as a complete set, with hardware to fit the sprocket guard as well as your sprocket. M6 x 40mm bolts and associated nyloc nuts and washers outfit the kit, and make it easy to install.

A 'cut' in the guard allows for flexing around an axle or on the backside of a sprocket carrier for easy installation. Inset steel bushings prevent tearing or warpage of the sprocket guard once bolted tight - other sprocket guards can tear around the bolt holes after heavy usage.

One advantage to the teflon material utilized for this sprocket guard is that it will scrape or tear away over rough ground rather than bend and intrude into the chain system - Point Karting has found that the aluminum guards over heavy off-road excursions can sometimes bend and intrude into the drive train.

Each kit is sold separately, but is as pictured here.