Fast Clamps for Front Bumper (set)

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Front Bumper Clamp Set for racing go kart plastic bumpers by KG Karting. These clamps clamp down tightly around the front nerf bars of most racing go karts, sandwiching front bumpers in place during operation of the kart. These clamps are vital for keeping your bodywork in place to keep you safely on track! Each set of clamps comes as a pair of (2) clamps.


For most racing karts, these steel clamps are the standard mounting option to keep the nose of the kart in place. Without them, your bumper would slip sideways, forwards, or even off...not ideal!

The clamps are fairly simple in construction, but are extremely strong, and provide immense gripping power for any front bumper. Two curved components oppose each other in the clamp mechanism, gripping tightly around the upper and lower front nerf bars, respectively.

A hardened steel screw and square nut help adjust the tension of the clamp, as spacing between nerf bars may vary slightly from bumper to bumper. Lastly, a lever is pushed downward to lock the clamp in place, and flipped up to alleviate tension on the clamp, facillitating bumper removal.

Sold as a pair (2 per set). These fit nearly all karts and categories (Exception: KG bodywork for most Kid Karts).