KG FP7 Front Bumper (CIK 17)

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KG FP7 Front Bumper for racing go karts. CIK 17 approved and ideal for a variety of go karts, many karts use the FP7 front bumper! This bumper is commonly found on many Praga, Margay, Intrepid, VLR, and Birel karts, as well as many more. 


The FP7 front bumper set the standard for front nose design for quite some time from KG. Angular and aggressive, the FP7 is found on dozens of racing karts nationwide and worldwide! Typically, this front bumper is used on full-size sprint-kart racing chassis. 

The latest generation, the FP7/20 is made of injection-molded plastic and features pre-inserted metal threaded inserts for attaching the front bumper mount clamps. 

The FP7 can utilize standard front bumper mount clamps, or 'drop-down' style clamps. 

Each FP7 is available in black, blue, red, or pearl white. No additional mounting hardware is included. 


The FP7 is approximately 41" in width. See the diagram in the image gallery, or below.