KG Evolution Side Pod (CIK 11)

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KG Evolution Side Pod (CIK 11) for racing go karts. These are the side pods only, with no additional mounting hardware or the nerf bar. These side pods resemble and are similar to the NA2 bodywork found on many CRG, CKR, Maranello, Etc. karts, but it is not quite the same. Each side pod is directional as well, meaning it only fits one side of the kart!


The KG Evolution bodywork was an intermediary step between some major changes of aerodynamics in bodywork and look for KG and for karting when it was new. Not found on many karts these days, this bodywork is a great replacement for aging or damaged bodywork, or to update an older kart's look. The 'Stilo' type nerf bars will work with this bodywork, as well as NA2 / NA3 side pod nerf bars.

The side pods are available in blue, pearl white, and black.
  • Red Evolution side pods exist, and can be special ordered, but are not commonly stocked (please contact us for this color).

Ideal For: KG Buru, NA2, or Evo/Stilo Bodywork