KG Front Bumper Mount Kit (Push-Back)

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Drop-Down Front Bumper Mount Kit for Racing Go Kart Bumpers - "Push-Back" Style. This front bumper kit is designed to fit modern racing go karts spoilers and front bodywork for your kart chassis, and is common on most European racing karts as new standard equipment. Many kart series now require this mount kit, to enforce 'drop down' bumper regulations.

For racers competing in SKUSA, WKA, IKF, or CIK / FIA events where a drop-down bumper system is required, this mounting kit is approved for use!


A fairly new model on the market, KG's AT.022.NE bumper kit includes all you need to install your front bumper bodywork on a racing kart. Whether a Kid Kart, Cadet / Mini chassis, and of course full-size, this kit is what you want for your kart!

Each kit features (2) "multi-step" bumper mounting brackets, which mount traditionally in the 'forward' position when tightened with mounting clamps (not included in this kit). M6 hardened steel bolts thread into metal inserts on your bumper, as well as pre-drilled holes in the mounting clamps to allow for secure fixation of the mount clamps to the bumper. Each clamp uses (4) bolts, so it is highly unlikely you will ever use the clamps from the bumper!

With universal fitment and adjustment in mind, KG has made the mounting clamps height adjustable, with (4) height positions to choose from to get the height of your front bumper perfect no matter the make or model of your kart. Point Karting recommends placing the height of your bumper in the 'high' position unless other fitment is necessary.

Ideal for modern KG front bumpers, and racers that need a drop-down bumper option for their category of choice (SKUSA, IKF, WKA compliant).