KG 506 Front Bumper Deflector Kit

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Front Air Deflector and Air Dam Kit for KG 506 Front Bumper. This kit is ideal for channeling air over the driver's feet at high speeds, reducing drag! These deflectors are intended to fit the KG 506 front bumper, and can be adjusted in height slightly to increase or decrease foot clearance depending on the driver.
This kit is available in semi-transparent gloss plastic, that has a pearl-white appearance from a distance. Many KG 506 front bumpers come with this kit as a standard item, but for those who wish to replace them, here they are!
Kit also comes with (3) M6 mounting bolts, button-head style, along with flat washers to distribute clamping force across the deflector.
The air deflector comes in (2) separate pieces, one for the left of the bumper, and one for the right.