Brake Caliper Bracket (3-Hole Type)

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Brake Caliper Bracket for racing go kart brake calipers. This Bracket is designed specifically to fit Righetti Ridolfi's brake caliper models K879, K880, and K381. Keep your brake caliper mounted securely with this bracket, which adapts to a variety of axle and bearing cassette designs! Point Karting is a big fan of this bracket in particular, as it allows for the most flexibility in mounting orientation and bolt-hole orientation.


The KB011-C is part of a suite of brake caliper brackets offered by Righetti Ridolfi for their brake calipers, as well as other manufacturers. The C model, in particular, offers the most flexibility in mounting options, as the complete ring can wrap around any bearing cassette and allow one to use the pre-existing 3 bolt holes, or create their own fairly easily depending on your bearing cassette bolt pattern or orientation. At our shop, Point Karting has used this bracket to mount aftermarket calipers on a variety of karts, including an older CRG VEN99 system. When other mounting options fail, this bracket does the trick.

Each bracket comes complete as pictured, with no additional mounting hardware. Ideally, this bracket would be supported by (3) M8 bolts and spacers to offset the bracket from the cassette.

Brake Caliper Bracket 3-bolt type designed for righetti caliper models K879/K880/K381

Brake caliper support model "C"