Steel Wheel Weights (4.oz Pack)

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Adhesive Wheel Weight Kit for racing go kart wheels and rims. Designed to reduce vibrations and improve driving performance of your kart! If you have ever experienced high-speed vibrations while driving your kart - some wheel weights are a great way to balance out your ride, and dampen damaging high-speed oscillations in the wheels and drive train.


Made from steel, each wheel weight kit by TDC comes with an adhesive backing to aid in securing weights to kart wheels. Having a pack of these at the track is a great idea and a must-have in your toolbox!

Each kit from TDC comes as a 4.0 oz pack of weights, each weighing approximately 5.0gram. To apply a weight, break it off at the perforations from the other weights, remove the adhesive backing, and apply!

If you require multiple wheel weights at a time, TDC has you covered! The rows of weights are linked together from TDC, so you can remove only what is necessary to balance your wheels.

Why Wheel Weights?

Every kart rim has some eccentricity to it, no matter the material or casting process. Wheel weights can help you balance out vibrations, particularly through the steering wheel and steering system at higher speeds. This makes wheel weights a must for shifter karts and high-speed TaG type karts! Also great for those with sensitive ribs or younger drivers who complain of their hands getting numb quickly while over-gripping the steering wheel.

Note: Point Karting recommends also utilizing some duct tape or adhesive over the weights to prevent dust or small rocks from knocking the weights off the rim, and that these weights are installed on the inside (closest to the chassis) edge of the rim.