Streeter Kart Tire Bead Breaker

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Go Kart Tire Bead Breaker by Streeter MFG. The people spoke, and Streeter listened! This tool is an essential in every pit area to break the beads on your kart tires for changing tires or inspecting the rim. Adjustable base plate and arm heights help you work with various tires!


The Streeter tire bead breaker is made with the racer in mind. With a solid platform and base, a long and sturdy breaker arm, and adjustable heights and fitments for popular kart tire sizes in karting, the bead breaker is ready to perform for you. The base plate adjusts to fit different rim sizes (5" or 6") and an outer lip holds the base of the tire in place during the breaking process. A removable pin allows for adjustment of the bead breaker arm height.

Each breaker is sold individually, and comes complete as pictured. Some basic assembly may be required.

Bead Breaker Assembly Instructions!