Angled Aluminum Steering Wedge

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Angled aluminum steering wedge for racing go karts. Ideal for adjusting the angle of the steering wheel to increase leverage and driver comfort. A simple yet effective way to help younger drivers and those that need to have a little more 'feel' in the front steering of their kart! This steering wedge is available in both 10 and 15 degree configurations. 

Made by Kart Master, these anodized aluminum steering wedges come in black, and feature a 6-point bolt pattern that makes fitment to a variety of steering wheels simple! Whether an OTK-style steering wheel which utilizes (6) mounting points, or a more traditional 3-spoke mount design, this steering wedge will fit both types of common kart steering wheels easily. 

Why Use a Steering Wedge?

Every driver has their own technique and comfort level. For many, a 'positive' or tactile feel through the steering wheel is preferable. For those drivers especially, utilizing a steering wedge can really make a significant difference in driving comfort. And, when a driver is more comfortable, they're likely to be more consistent, too. 

The advantage a steering wedge primarily gives a driver is in the adjustment of the leverage point and path when the steering wheel of the kart is turned. With the wedge installed, the angle of the wheel relative to the track is elevated, creating a more 'vertical' or 'pull / push' feel to the steering - more akin to driving a car than a kart. Especially for younger drivers piloting a kart that physically challenges them, these angled steering wedges can be a big difference maker. 

Each steering wedge is sold individually, and you must choose which angle preference you wish.