Rear Bumper Keeper Kits

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Tired of losing your bumper during kart races? Worry no more! The Kart Master go kart bumper keeper kit is designed to solve the chronic issue of rear bumper support posts loosening up out of chassis tubes, causing the bumper to fall off or come loose. These kits clamp tightly to the kart chassis, and loop through the bumper upright support posts. 


Available in several frame tube diameters - 28, 30, and 32mm, Kart Master's bumper keeper kits are designed to fit all major CIK-homologated kart chassis. Once the main frame clamp is installed, a pre-bent bumper bracket bolts to the clamp, and loops through the rear bumper support upright. By utilizing a pair of these clamps and retainers, the rear bumper is securely held onto the kart, lessening the chance of losing a rear bumper due to missing a bolt or contact with the track or other karts during competition. 

What's included in each kit?

  • (2) milled aluminum, lightweight frame clamps (choose from 28, 30, or 32mm frame tube size)
  • (2) Stamped steel bumper brackets (attach to frame clamps - left and right options).
  • (4) Milled M8 Spacers - Used to offset bracket from clamps
  • (4) M8 allen head bolts w/washer - 6mm Allen head bolts approx 35mm length. These clamp the frame clamp, and bumper bracket together. 

Each bumper keeper kit is sold separately.