Kartlift Winchlift HD

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WinchLift HD by Kartlift. This stand is heavy duty, reliable, and consistent for lifting your kart off the ground without assistance. Great for heavier karts or for those that are going to the track on their own!

Each Kartlift stand is rated to pick up karts up to 350 lbs with the push of a button. A powdercoated frame and heavy duty wiring loom and harness make for a heavy duty option to transport your kart and take care of it at the track.

The stand also features:

  • 1.25" tubing throughout
  • 2" durable nylon strap
  • Flat free tires

Dimensions: With hooks folded in, and collapsed, the stand is approximately 48 x 33 x 13" without the battery

Note: The stand does not come with a battery, you will need to have one or purchase one once the stand arrives. This stand is an oversized product, and as a result it will require additional shipping fees due to the size and weight. Colors other than black are available via special order, with a lead time expected. 

Recommended Batteries:

The Kartlift group recommends the following batteries:

  • Farm / Fleet U1R300 300CA
  • Fleet Farm U1R
  • Tractor Supply GT-X / GT-H
  • Sears / DieHard U1/UR1
  • Wal-Mart U1R7