Billet Battery Box Mounting Clamps

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Go Kart Battery Box Mounting Clamps by TDC MFG. These are perfect for mounting your IAME, ROK, Rotax battery box to the kart chassis, and are a major upgrade to standard battery box clamps! Each clamp is available as a partial or whole unit, and clamps that fit 28mm, 30mm, or 32mm frames are available.


TDC's battery box mounting clamps blow the competition out of the water. Tired of the cheap OEM-quality mount clamps found with your IAME, ROK, or Rotax battery box? These TDC clamps are designed to take a hit and keep on running. Thicker material, well engineered, and stylish, what's not to love on these clamps?

These clamps work well with a variety of kart battery boxes - whether you run an IAME, ROK, or Rotax engine package, these clamps will work! No need to worry about various bolt patterns, TDC has all of them included!

Stop with the brittle aluminum clamps - it's time to upgrade to TDC!

Each clamp is sold individually. Replacement bottom pieces are also available, in case you have incurred some serious scrape-age over a season.