Rear Brake Caliper (Dual Piston)

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Dual-Piston Rear Brake Caliper for Racing Go Karts, Model K381. This brake caliper is a popular aftermarket option to upgrade old or worn out calipers on vintage go karts or karts where aftermarket seals and so on are harder to come by.


Made by Righetti Ridolfi, this K381 rear brake caliper is a fairly straight-forward dual-piston hydraulic brake caliper. Looking for a brake caliper that will replace an older or no-longer-available brake system? This might be your choice! The caliper features two opposing pistons, one per pad, which clamp down tightly on the brake rotor to apply maximum braking force. This caliper is probably best for low or medium-speed racing karts, rather than a high performance shifter go kart or something that needs maximum stopping power where more pistons might be helpful.

Technical Details for this caliper:

  • The Center-Center distance for the caliper mounting holes is 60.0 mm.

Each caliper comes complete with caliper body, seals and internals, brake pads, retaining systems, and hydraulic brake line fittings and couplings.

Rear brake caliper-dual piston
Technical diagram-dimensions of caliper