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Whether wrenching on your kart, at the shop, or working with heavy machinery, K1's Pro Pit glove is a great solution to protect the most important item in your entire toolbox - your hands!

The Pro Pit glove is built to perform, with TPR high-impact resistant technology embedded on the face of the glove, as well as on the palms and adjustable velcro strap. From protecting your hands from a hot exhaust or brake rotor, to providing additional grip to lift a slippery plastic front or rear bumper on a kart, K1 has you covered in the pits with this glove.

Note: Point Karting wants to remind racers that this glove is an exceptional addition to your toolbox off the track. For on-track applications, we strongly recommend considering a full-gauntlet racing glove, that will protect your upper wrist for kart racing applications.


  • Available in a range of sizes: S - XL

Each Pro Pit glove is sold as a pair of gloves.