K1 Pro Lite Rib Vest

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While not always mandatory for use, a rib vest is a highly advisable component to include in any karter's safety gear. For most racing organizations, the utilization of a rib protection device is mandatory for drivers under the age of 18, and highly recommended for drivers beyond this age.

K1's Pro-Lite Rib Vest features a lightweight foam mesh inner liner, leading to increased breathability and comfort during use. Through a partnership with impact protection leader Diamond Jumbolon, K1 brings serious impact resistance to a soft-shell vest.

Each vest's internal components are hydro-formed to take the shape of the rib area before assembly to improve performance and comfort. Adjustable front and shoulder elastics allow for exact sizing to obtain the ideal balance between protection and comfort.


  • The K1 Rib vest is available in sizes 4XS - 2XL
  • Note on fitment and fine-tuning: For ideal fit, once adjusted, a rib vest should provide resistance in the chest area when breath is fully inhaled and held. Significant pressure should be felt against rib area at this point, attempting to push air out of lungs. If this sensation is not felt, the rib vest is adjusted too loose. If, however, the rib vest feels constricting for 0-70% of normal lung capacity, the rib vest is adjusted too tight.
  • For more information on the right size for you, consult the sizing diagram (see photos).