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Rain boots for go kart racers for wet weather racing by K1 Race Gear. These boots are ideal to fit over performance go kart racing shoes to protect them and the driver from rainy track conditions. Sized in fairly universal dimensions, these boots will fit over many racing shoe sizes and models!
Sometimes, conditions on-track aren't ideal for dry-weather driving. And, when the weather turns nasty, racers turn to K1's rain boots to protect their feet and ankles, and their investment in racing shoes!
K1 boots are flexible. They fit over the racer's boots and lower suit area, protecting driver and wearable gear during rain racing. The drawstring at the top of the boot ensures that all leg and ankle sizes are accommodated.
Note: To preserve the longevity of your rain boots, Point Karting suggests limiting wear to on-track activities while seated in the kart. The flexible fabric comprising the boot gauntlet is thin, so extended periods of walking in the rain boots is not encouraged.
  • K1's rain boots are available in sizes 6-14 (Men's US Sizing).
  • For more information on the size that may be appropriate for you, consult the sizing chart (see photos).
  • Note: The rain boot sizing options in the drop-down menu are divided into larger categories, as the rain boots are designed to fit over shoes of several sizes. Factor this in when purchasing your rain boots!