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Designed to be the introductory-level suit for the K1 RaceGear line, the GK2 features modern amenities at a modest price. With a minimalist design in the upper torso and cuff area, the suit is lightweight with integrated stretch panels to aid in driving and pit-area comfort.

The GK2 is designed for events where CIK / FIA approval for suit use is not required.

Suit is available in a variety of sizes, with color options for the embroidered piping pattern on the front and rear of suit. Choose from blue, orange, red, yellow, or green.


The size and fitment of your K1 GK2 suit is vital to its function as a safety garment, and for comfort before, during, and after driving your kart. As such, Point Karting strongly encourages consultation of K1's Suit Sizing Chart (see photo)

The GK2 is available in the following sizes and colors:

  • 7XS - 3XL / 20-68 (see sizing chart)
  • (All Suits Black / Grey) with Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow embroidery.