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K1's foam neck collars (neck brace, go kart neck support, helmet support) are designed to be used in karting competitions where neck protection is required. For most applications, a foam neck collar is considered a 'minimum' to meet standards, rather than an adequate protection device for the serious karter. However, K1's design does offer additional benefits over the traditional flat foam design.
In particular, K1 has taken steps to address rearward impacts by the addition of a formed and padded 'duck-bill' component that prevents rearward whiplash of the head and neck during impact.
The K1 collar is available in 'carbon look' (shown on this page) and in standard color options.
Many colors are available! Use our drop down menu to find the color that best coordinates with your suit and helmet.
  • K1's neck protection devices are available in adult and junior sizes. With a flexible design, most drivers 14 or younger will fit the youth or junior neck collar, and those older will utilize the adult neck collar sizing.

Additional Information

The neck collar is also called a karting neck brace or go kart neck support. The foam interior helps prevent cervical spine and neck overstretching. The collar supports the helmet, reducing it's weight on the neck and shoulders, thus reducing driver fatigue. When cornering, the driver needs less muscular engagement due to the support provided, again reducing fatigue. The padding also helps prevent collarbone injuries in the event of a collision. The collar is stain and water resistant. This neck brace has a Velcro closure that allows for length adjustment, ensuring a customized fit. The removable cover is machine washable.

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