Hilliard Inferno Clutch Tuning Kit

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Enhance the performance of your Hilliard Inferno Blaze, Flame, or Fury with our comprehensive Clutch Tuning Kit. Packed with all the essentials you need, this kit offers an effective way to customize your clutch configuration for optimal performance and improved responsiveness.

The tuning kit features a selection of clutch springs in various strengths, including Black, Green, Orange, Yellow, and White, each supplied in sets of four. This variety allows you to adjust the engagement of your clutch according to your kart's demands and the track's conditions.

The kit also includes eight each of Heavy and Light Clutch Weights. These weights provide you with the flexibility to adjust the rotational inertia of your clutch, influencing its engagement speed and overall performance.

To ensure a secure and durable assembly, we've included 36 Clutch Weight Snap Rings. These snap rings help secure the clutch weights in place, maintaining the structural integrity of your clutch system.

Whether you're gearing up for a big race or tuning your kart for leisurely laps, our Hilliard Inferno Clutch Tuning Kit gives you the tools to fine-tune your clutch for superior performance. Take control of your kart's capabilities with this comprehensive tuning kit today.