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IAME X-30 Engine Package. The X-30 engine is a water-cooled, 125cc TaG type go kart engine that is an excellent powerplant to provide you thrills and fun with plenty of power. The X-30 is internationally renown and used at the local, regional, and national level, including broad use with SKUSA, USPKS, IKF, and WKA sanctioned events.

Note: This part number and engine is updated as of 02.15.2022 to the 'updated' IAME X30 Engine which features some design refinements over previous models. If you have questions or concerns about this please reach out to us!

Engine Overview

The X30 is tried and true, and popular among kart racers for reliable performance, easy service, and straight-forward performance. The X-30 is utilized in several packages including a junior-spec, 'standard,' and 'super-X-30' option.

The X-30 utilizes a centrifugal dry clutch, with variable gearing options available to ensure proper performance at any track. A simple dual-needle diaphragm carburetor meters fuel and air into the engine, where a reed-cage controls the power stroke of the 2-cycle engine.

A step up from the Mini Swift or the KA 100, the X-30 is a water-cooled engine meant to provide serious performance for adult racers as well as junior categories.

The X-30 engine also provides an electric starter onboard, which is a nice feature and makes getting going from the pits more convenient than karts that require a pull start or an external starter.

      • Combustion Cycle: 2-Cycle
      • Lubrication - Fuel / Oil Mixture
        • Recommended mixture: 8oz oil / gal (Motul Kart Grand Prix 2T)
      • Engine Displacement: 123.7cc
      • Flow System: Reed Valve
      • Bore / Stroke: 54.28 / 54.00mm
      • Factory Timing: Ignition / Analog System,
      • Horsepower / Torque: 30.0 hp / 19.50 N-m
      • Ideal Fuel: VP C12, VP 110, or VP MS 93
      Complete Engine Comes With
      • Complete IAME X30 Engine (Engine, Starter, Tillotson HW 27 Carburetor)
      • Intake Air Box / Air Filter
      • Exhaust Plenum & Exhaust Pipe
      • Centrifugal Clutch (Complete) with 11t sprocket (#219)
      • Wiring Harness (harness, battery box, control panel & components)
      • Cooling System: Raditor, raditor support, Hoses, Pipe Connectors, water pump / pulley, pulley bands