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Clutch Pack for IAME X30 - OEM Replacement by Righetti Ridolfi. This clutch pack is available in both organic and ceramic compounds on the clutch shoes, and is ideal for the IAME X30 and KA 100 kart engines. If you drive your X-30 go kart engine or KA 100 centrifugal clutch drive train quite a bit, having spare clutch components or replacing your clutch altogether may be a good idea. 


Designed with your use in mind, Sinter's OEM replacement clutch pack for the IAME X30 is built to last and perform no matter your competitive ambition. As your clutch wears out, consider replacing it with this one! 

The shoes and clutch pack is manufactured to OEM specifications, so this clutch fits exactly with your IAM X30. Remove the old clutch pack, install this one, and go! It's that simple. 

The Shoes: Organic or Ceramic?

Depending on your application, Sinter has produced 2 versions of this clutch for you to choose from! The organic compound shoes are more durable, and suitable for a regional racer or track-day warrior. Select this shoe material if you want more progressive clutch wear and maximum durability. 

If you're looking for the tip top and maximum performance, Sinter's ceramic compound takes the OEM specification and amplifies the aggressiveness of engagement, creating a faster lock up and better low-end power band launches! These ceramic shoes can handle the heat and punishment of top-level drivers, but will fatigue faster as a result. If you're on the leading edge of your championship or region, you may want to lean more towards this clutch pack option. 

Note: Point Karting makes no warranty that present or future technical regulations for your karting organization or sanctioning body will permit the use of an aftermarket IAME X30 clutch pack. For more information on this, consult us or your local sanctioning organization if technical regulations are a concern. 

Each clutch is sold individually, as pictured with no additional hardware.

Ideal For: IAME X30 clutch
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