IAME SKUSA Shifter Engine "SSE" Package

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IAME "SSE" Super Shifter Engine Package, for SKUSA and US-based kart racing. At 175cc, this engine is a monster, pumping out nearly 50 horsepower - at the undisputed top of the food chain when it comes to 2-stroke shifter go kart performance! Developed with pure performance in mind, the 175cc 'super shifter' engine also provides a 'spec' type package to improve reliability while still remaining at the apex of the class structure.


Equipped with a purpose-built Tillotson HB-15A carburetor, the Super Shifter engine provides a bespoke package for shifter kart racing.

The SSE engine is a 2-cycle, single piston engine. The engine is water cooled, and operates with the aid of a reed cage behind the carburetor. Righetti's NOX airbox is the spec airbox for the engine. An Elto silencer is paired with a tuned exhaust pipe with an expansion chamber to air in exhaust flow at higher RPMs.

Each engine comes as a package with the following components:

  • 18-tooth, #428 drive sprocket
  • IAME Exhaust Pipe, paired with Elto exhaust silencer
  • Aluminum water pump, milled with flange to bolt to chassis
  • Water pump pulley - 50mm (with 2 water pump belts included)
  • Tillotson HB-15A carburetor
  • Aluminum Motor Mount, with butterfly clamps to fit 30/32 chassis tubes.

Each engine package is sold separately, with the components associated. For complete installation on a kart, a radiator kit, hose pipes, and components may be necessary.