IAME KA-100 Engine Package (Race Ready)

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IAME KA 100 Engine Package, race ready! All you will need to do with this package is add fuel and oil, and you are ready to roll. This package includes a battery specifically for the KA 100 as well as a motor mount and copper vibration spacer plate to dampen vibrations. Bolt this package on your kart and go!

Bundle together and save over purchasing the parts individually! 

Race Ready!

When we say race ready, we mean it! Here's what is included in the kit:

  • Standard IAME KA 100 engine kit. This includes the engine, exhaust, carburetor, return spring, wiring harness, and battery box. 
  • 12 V, 9 AH kart battery. This battery is Lithium Ion, and features F2 connectors
  • Odenthal 5-Degree Motor Mount, EZ-Set Type. 
  • Odenthal Copper Spacer Plate. This dampens vibration to the chassis and smooths the engine operation. 

Engine Specifications

  • Model: Reedjet KA100 – Clubman
  • Engine Type: Single cylinder – 2 stroke
  • Bore: Ø 48,20mm
  • Max Bore: Ø 48,53mm
  • Stroke: 54,00mm
  • Displacement: 98,53cc
  • Ports: 2
  • Inlet System: Reed Valve
  • Lubrication: Oil mixture (Recommended Motul Kart Grand Prix, 8Oz. / Gal.)
  • Ignition System: Analogic with adjustable timing
  • Transmission: Centrifugal Dry Clutch
  • Cooling System: Air
  • Starter: Electric
  • Carb. Model: Tillston HW 33A
  • Max Power: 22 Hp
  • Max Torque: 15 Nm

**Point Karting recommends initial needle settings:

    • Low: 0.75 - 1.25 T.O. (Turns Out from close)
    • Hi: 1-1.25 T.O. (Turns Out from close)
    • **DO NOT Exceed 1250 Degrees (F) EGT**
In Action

Check Out one of our racers using the KA 100 on a practice day to get familiar with the engine package!