Hoosier Racing Tires R55

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Hoosier Tires - R55 Compound. This tire is softer than other Hoosier kart tire compounds, but works well for high horsepower categories such as shifter karts or high powered TaG karts. 

Select from options presented - tires are sold by SET for either cadet categories or adult categories as appropriate, or as individual tires:

  • For drivers in Kid Kart, Junior 1, Select "SET Cadet (4) 4.5 x 10-5"
  • For drivers in Shifter 2, X30, TaG, etc., Select "SET Full-Size (2) 4.5.x10-5 / (2) 7.1x 11-5"
  • Individually order tires 4.5 x 10-5, 6.0 x 11-5, 7.1 x 11-5

Note: Point Karting does sell these tires in case quantity. For pricing on cases of tires, and to arrange shipping, please contact us.