Honda GX200 Clone High Volume Fuel Pump

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High-Flow Volume, Pulse-Driven Fuel Pump for Honda GX200 Clone Engines, such as Clone 160. Ideal for high-flow fuel systems and replacing OEM parts on Honda Clone engines or engine systems such as Briggs World Formula that require high flow volume of fuel.

This fuel pump is intended to serve as an original parts replacement for racers that demand a high fuel flow volume delivered from the fuel tank to the carburetor. Often, racers will utilize this fuel pump in non-stock or modified categories such as stock medium or clone racing.

Each fuel pump as shown has (4) Phillips screws to facilitate diaphragm element replacement and cleaning. The primary body of the fuel pump is injected molded plastic, so be sure to utilize the included locking washers when tightening the screws! Integrated mounting flanges accept standard M6 bolts to tighten to a motor plate or mounting bracket.

Fuel pump works best when a short pulse line is fitted - meaning no pulse line longer than approx 4". Do not utilize the pump in an inverted or 'sideways' position as this will compromise the operation or performance of the pump.

NOTE: This fuel pump DOES NOT comply with Briggs & Stratton or Honda OEM regulations for competitions where a stock, unmodified fuel pump is required.